Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is a post that I'm gonna have to re-do another time

First off, let me apologise for the lack of posts this past week.
I haven't gone deliberately MIA but life happened.
Got swamped with work.
Lousy weather - we've been having continuous heavy rains, flash floods and zero sunshine
Injured myself while dancing
and lastly came down with possibly the 3rd wave of THE flu - the bug just doesn't seem to want to go away =(

Well, basically its just been a hell of a week.
The only highlight of this week was that I got the watch Voyage de La Vie
Totally razzled and dazzled by the circus-musical
*although the male lead was kinda redundant I think*
and I'm totally inspired to next learn those crazy aerial stuff like hoops and ropes
erm... I pasted a link for the trailer off its website so you guys have an idea what I'm talking about.

Ok. Back to nails.
I have to let you guys know that I don't have good pictures of this comparison
And I will re-do this comparison some other day cos I think the polishes really deserve their holo-right in the sun.

Painted in order:
Pinky - Skinfood Silver Holo
Ring - Color Club Worth the Risque
Middle - OPI (Standing Room Only) Silver
Index - China Glaze Sexagon
Thumb - China Glaze OMG

All done with 3 coats + 1 coats of SV
However, the one that really needed the 3rd coats was OPI (SRO) Silver and China Glaze Sexagon
The rest were opaque in 2 coats.

I won't say much about the polishes until I re-do it again.

Blurred the pic in an attempt to show the holo


Indoors with the camera flash

see what I mean when I say that they really deserve the sun?


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