Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Lavender Sky over Manhattan #710T

Old NOTD that I didn't post earlier cos I took too many pics
and had a hard time trying to sift out the better ones.
As it is, I still have a lot of pics in this post =P

Used a base of Manhattan #710T

Re-post of the swatch pic in case you've forgotten how it looks like.

Added a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in #19 Lavender Sky

Result was a lovely shimmering multi-chrome; teal, green, pink, purple.
I'll just let the pictures show you how errily lovely this one is...

Took these early morning

and then the morning sun really came blasting through...

These were taken right after lunch break
(yeah... sometimes, I really do haul my camera everywhere I go)

In the shade while waiting for a cab

Inside the cab

Played with the camera flash as well while being driven to destination.

Took one at night without the camera flash as the different colours came out better this way.

and then one with the flash.


Jackie S. said...


Great combo!

I love sheer duochromes, they make every polish new and different :)

Berry T said...

EXACTLY! and sometimes the results are utterly drool-worthy!

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