Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Revlon Scented Polishes have arrived!

I was most pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this new display!
For the longest time, Revlon hasn't brought in any exciting stuff (imo)
and its always the same few shades of red and pink that I see at their counters.

Well, they brought in the scented polishes and a couple of new shades as well:
Bubblegum, Orange Pop, Ocean Breeze and Gumdrop

The first 2 rows are Minted, Lilac Pastelle and Petal Pink

Found this at the Revlon counter in BHG at Bugis Junction.
The Revlon polishes retail at SGD$11.90 per bottle
and the SA very nicely informed me that if you purchase SGD$50 worth of stuff,
you can get a freebie, either an eyeshadow or an umbrella

We're way behind the release in the USA
but seriously, Well DOne Revlon!
*Now if you guys could bring in Galaxy*


chocaddict said...

Lucky you!! We didn't get any of these here, I think we still have the displays of last year's LE...hahaha lame! I'm glad I got Minted and Lilac Pastelle from London :)

~Lisa said...

I haven't seen these in Canada yet!!
Wonder if they really do smell nice...hmmm

Berry T said...

hahaha... you know what?! I don't even recall seeing last year's LE over here! Wonder if Revlon releases their stuff selectively in different countries!
But man... I seriously hope this is a good sign of more good stuff to come.
Anyway, you want me to pick up any of those Revlons for you?

hee... Lisa, I'll let you know when I'm done with trying them.
Hopefully I don't pass out from inhaling too much polish fumes! =P

chocaddict said...

Thanks for asking dearie :) actually if you come accross a bottle of Ocean Breeze that'd be great!

Anonymous said...

did u buy the mint ones? pls show swatch if u did buy the mints!

Berry T said...

okie! Gotcha Ocean Breeze babe!

Yep I did get Minted. I'll try to get it swatched but it might be a while k. Trying to finish up some for a swap.

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