Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Inspiration for my current nail art.
This one is from a Japanese Nail Art magazine, Nail Up

Well, I kinda modified it a little.
Thought it would be a kick to use the black and silver holos from the Skinfood range
and black and silver striping tape instead

I kinda like this and it reminds me of the perceptual tests that we learnt about during psychology class back in my grad days.

Taken in the shade.
heh... the 2 accent nails are cos I'm lazy and didn't want to fight with the striping tape for all 5 fingers =P

and lastly the night shot with camera flash

ok another announcement:
I won't be having a purge for July.
Most of the stuff that I have been swatching this month would be going into 4 different swaps.
As for August, I'm not too sure if there would be a purge either.
Its my birthday month and I've already set aside special polishes to make myself happy =P

HOWEVER, I will be having a giveaway on the 13th (my birthday).
I haven't decided how it's going to be yet,
but I definitely intend to make it a one-day only thing.
So just a heads-up to all my readers and followers to rememeber to check stuff out on the 13th k =)


kelliegonzo said...

wow you did an awesome job at recreating the look! and yours is 3d! bitchen :D

Cel said...

Very pretty :)

~Lisa said...

Great job and recreating it!! It looks wayy better than the one in the mag! ^^

Halifax said...

We have the same birthday, I think :) And it's on a Friday this year lol

ThRiSzHa said...

love this... I cant wait to visit the SG soon..

Danica said...

wow, this is hot! I love the holo and the stripe tape is cool. I've been wearing a lot of polishes that I got from you from a giveaway and loving them, so thanks!

Berry T said...

kelliegonzi, Cel, Lisa,
thank you so much babes!
wow... to read that you guys prefer mine to the mag's is utterly... sheez... I'm at a lost for words here
just wow and Thanks babes!

Birthday twins! Atta Cool!

I really hope you'll enjoy your trip to Sg
and you'll haul a lot of polishes back =P

I'm so glad you like the polishes!
Stay tuned for another one soon k =)

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