Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ottie #14 Pale Green

Ok, I had planned to do some nail art on this but ended up liking the colour so much I didn't really bother after that =)

Ottie #14 Pale Green I think I picked this one up on the cheap from a beauty thrift store Don't know anything else about this brand

2 coats + 1 coat SV
It is a little sheer and you can definitely see VNL.
Should probably get opaque with another 1 to 2 coats though.

The glitter is amazing.
I think my camera got dazzled.
When you're out under the sun, it looked like your nails got drenched with sparkling champagne

The brush was also a little on the thick side
so there was less control over the polish but nothing too un-managable


and these are the night shots

I also tried doing a video for the first time just to show how blingy this one can get =)


ThRiSzHa said...

love it. so sparkly

chocaddict said...

that's sooo sparkley <3
it definitely looks gorgeous on its own too!

Susy said...

It's very sparkly, and I think it looks beautiful on you!! :D

Berry T said...

Thank you ladies!
I'm right now trying desperately to remember where I bought this just so I can go back and get more!!

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