Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OPI Kiss of Peach

I'm whipped.
Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) today's NOTD isn't something I love.
So it'll just be a quick one.

OPI Kiss of Peach from the Japan exclusive 10th Anniversary Collection.

You guys know how you'll get a polish or a particular shade
and hope that it'll look good on you
even though you have tried several variations of that kinda shade/tone
and you know it probably won't work?

Oh well. This is mine.
Everytime I'll pick up some pretty looking gold-toned peach
and have to remind myself that it'll makes my hands look jaundiced.
Once in a while, I'll cave, esp those with pretty shimmers, glitters blah blah blah
and again regret the purchase.

3 coats + 1 coat SV
And you're not wrong if you think that looks bumpy.
It would probably do better with another coat of SV.
But Kiss of Peach was sheer, and I wasn't in the mood to add another coat of SV
especially when jaundiced hands appear.

oh well. One day I will find a nice gold-toned peach that would suit me.


kganir said...

I'm with you on the whole jaundice hand thing when it comes to gold/yellow toned polishes. I've had my many disappointments and yet still haven't found one that suits me. That's a pretty color though =)

wendy said...

hi! do you know where can we get Rescue Beauty Lounge? :)

Cristy said...

So lovely color, I like it very much

Berry T said...

man... I feel you babe.
Its like a mission for me to find a peach-gold that I can wear. If I ever get there, I'll definitely let you know!

You can get RBL at their website. They offer international shipping at more decent rates now.
Alternatively, you can try looking at swaps and purges. This is how I get mine =)

well... glad someone likes it =)

wendy said...

HI! May I know the website for the swap? :) Thanks!

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