Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Brand Discovery: Nature Republic

Before I forget: June's purge.
I will be posting the polishes that are up for purge tomorrow.
I've scheduled the post for 10 pm Singapore time.
Been observing time differences for a while and kinda figure that 10 pm local time is about the best for *almost* everyone...
(I'm really sorry if it doesn't fit yours, will try to still work around so its best for as many k)

ain't a lot of stuff up though since I didn't manage to swatch nearly as much as I hoped last month but the ones that are up are mostly holos

ok. back to the post proper then.

I was making my way to work when I saw this new shop the other day.
Nature Republic: Yep, another Korean brand that has finally made its way to our S'pore shores.

And since I've moved myself from the no to the low-buy wagon,
I popped in and grabbed some.
I can't remember exactly how much they are,
but these are definitely all less than $5 each.
I grabbed 4 and they came up to about $14.
A hell lot cheaper than even the so-called drugstore ones like Sally Hansen and Revlon

I suspect they probably gave a name other than the code
but since I don't read Korean, code is all you guys are getting =P

These are probably also the longest polish bottles I'm ever going to own
damn difficult to stack them into my boxes

A close-up of the polish.
Lovely deep blue-based green JELLY with blue sparkles!
Awesome pretty!
I have it on for nail art now but its again raining so I'm waiting for the sun to show you guys


I thought this one looked mermaid-ish so I grabbed it too.
heh... well, I do have a thing for mythical creatures or legends and all those stuff.
Give me a polish that reminds me of mermaids, unicorns and I'm a sucker.

I suspect this one's a holo.
I also got the green version but its playing hide-and-seek with me for the moment.

Fellow locals, I got these from the Nature Republic outlet at Jurong Point, 1st level.
Pretty sure that there are other outlets around.
I will update when I find out where.


Jamie K. said...

thank u so much! :D heard abt this brand from a friend.. but she didnt mention nail polishes!! lol :)

Cel said...

I've seen this brand on ebay too. Now I am itching to try it as the colours look lovely :D

susies1955 said...

Love them. Especially the last one.
In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

pronuptia said...

Saw another outlet at 313@Somerset.

Berry T said...

Jamie K,
You definitely should go check it out!
The polishes are pretty cheap and not too bad either!
I only don't like the height of the polish and the resulting brush

aww.... Cel,
if you're really going to get it off ebay, make sure you don't get scalped for it.
These don't cost a lot here in Sg.
Or if you wait, I might purge some later =)

thanks for letting me know!
I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to check out all the giveaways and stuff!

thanks for letting me know!
somerset is way more convenient than boon lay!

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