Monday, July 26, 2010


Got bored and took out my Nubar V for Men Matte
and put it to use...

Left the ring glossy for accent.

Can't decide which I prefer - glossy or matte
but its something fun =)


jellynat said...

Both are great, I can't decide either! It's a superbe mani, I'm totally fond of it. <3

Cel said...

Lovely. I prefer the glossy look but that's only because I'm not a huge fan of matte.

~Lisa said...

Pretty cool! I like glossy only because I like shiny stuff but for my face, I prefer it to be matte or dewy-ish. Matte nails just aren't in for me even though I have the Essie matte top coat. I've only used it once =/

Saori said...

I prefer glossy version, more shiny :)

Eva said...

Your nails look very thick (in a good way), are they natural?
(I'm sorry if you have answered this before but it drives me insane not to be able to tell whether or not someone is wearing artificial nails.)

The glitter polish is very beautiful ^^
I prefer the look with top coat as well.

Berry T said...

heh... looks like loads of people prefer the glossy one. Even my friends and colleagues commented that they preferred the glossy =)

I'm totally with you about the matte thing though I can admire it all the same. My Nubar V for Men (matte) thing has been used less than 5 times since I got it when the matte trend started =P

these are my natural nails =)
I find sticking on fake nails a hassle. Haven't tried gel or acrylic nails either

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