Friday, July 9, 2010

June's Purge

ok, rules as usual:
1) Pls leave in comments section the polishes that you are interested in.
2) 1st come 1st serve
3) I'm not a 1-for-1 kinda person. I just need to de-stash. But please be reasonable.
4) You can also offer to pay if you dun wanna swap.

like I said in yesterday's post, not a lot but mostly holos...

Color Club Revvvolution
used about 2X

H&M Cha Cha
Used 1X

Nubar Absolute
used 1X

China Glaze Sexagon.
Used 1X

If you're interested in Sexagon, you'll have to hang on a just a little while more.
I was intending to re-do the silver holo comparison and will send it out once I'm done with it k

and lastly OPI mini Shim-Merry Chic
I'm missing the bottle pic of this one.
can't find it in my files....


peripatetic33 said...

nubar absolute please

peripatetic33 said...

I can trade you sally hansen opulent cloud (used once) and NFU Oh 50 (used once) for Nubar absolute and china glaze sexagon

peripatetic33 said...

I have to go back to work now so will not respond to any responses you post for at least an hour or two.

chocaddict said...

If China Glaze Sexagon is till available I'd be up for it dear :)

chocaddict said...

if you're interested for Essence or P2 polishes I'm leaving for Germany in a couple of days, if not I'll paypal you what you want for it

dreamsofelle said...

HBM cha cha please :)

Jamie K. said...

revvolution pls :) i dont know what you might want to have from me since im Singaporean too LOL. but am willing to pay! :)

Berry T said...

I already have Opulent Cloud, but deal for the Nfu-Oh!

Can you let me know if you're taking the nubar only or plus Sexagon?
Otherwise chocaddict can take the Sexagon =)

Cha Cha is yours =)
Can you send me an email and let me know if you're swapping or buying?

Just email me what you think you wanna swap with and we try to work something out?

peripatetic33 said...

ok i'll send the NFU OH 50 in exchange for the nubar absolute
and chocadict can go for the sexagon

ThRiSzHa said...

ohh ohh.. im late again..LOL

peripatetic33 said...

I have been shopping for a swap with an Aussie so I can get some BYS. (ooooh fern)

I was wondering if you wanted me to do any US shopping for you before I send the NFU oh 50.

The plaza I work in has:
Ulta, Claire's, Target, Sally Beauty Supply

I live near a Walgreen's

and my grocery store has Milani

honey_lili said...

OPI mini Shim-Merry Chic please !
It would be so cool !

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