Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flowery French

Failed nail art post for today.
But I had to post this one
cos I really wanted to show you guys the new Nature Republic polish

Polishes used are:

Orly Bare Rose

Nature Republic GR605

Oh and I found out that these polishes in the tall bottles are only SGD$2.10
(the other holo ones are SGD$5.70)

PA flower nail art stickers.

I'm really disappointed with this set of stickers from PA
Usually I have no issues with the stickers from PA,
however, this time round, the stickers were pretty quick to lift from the corners.
I barely had them on for 15 mins and they started lifting already.

So maybe you could like ignore the nail art,
and instead focus on the accent nail =P

Initially I wasn't sure but after 4 coats,
I kinda figured GR605 for a jelly

Pretty blue-based green with blue sparkles
heh.... the only reason why I put up with the failed nail art
hee hee. plus the fact that I was also waiting for the sun
(thank goodness I didn't have to wait too long)

But definitely a polish that I would have to do a proper mani with in future.

and here's the one taken at night immediately after the nail art was done.


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