Saturday, July 24, 2010

A few things I picked up

Been trying to curb my spending on polish a little actually
Wanna get the Orly Cosmix Collection when that one comes out,
but in the meantime, companies have been putting some really cool polishes and there are some that are kinda hard to resist.

Chanel Paradoxal and Jade Rose have finally reached our Singapore shores.
Can't bring myself to pay $35 for pink polish but I got Paradoxal.
Hopefully this would be something I would like.

Estee Lauder Surreal Violet.
Ok, I don't usually pay attention to Estee Lauder's stuff
but saw this one on NB and knew I had to get it.
My 1st Estee Lauder LE =)

A close-up of this pretty dusty violet with gold shimmer.
In case you are interested, this one is only exclusive at the Estee Lauder counters in Tangs and Metro Paragon.

I got mine at Tangs and they only had a few bottles left.
The other LE in this collection is called Blue Dahlia.
You can probably google for swatches of Blue Dahlia if you're keen
But I kinda thought that its a pretty dupable dark blue
and at $26 per polish kinda steep for something that isn't particularly exciting and might give me smurf fingers.

OPI Sugar Cookie Pink.
Now this one I used to have and swapped or gave it away.
I remembered I wasn't too excited about it but Steph from Nail Juice and several others on the NB were all kinda excited about it.
Started to wonder if I was missing something but by the time I got my ass moving,
it was practically sold out everywhere I know.

Until I happened to chance upon this last bottle at the OPI counter in Metro at Causeway Point in Woodlands.
Sold out everywhere else. Discontinued. Japan exclusive. Last Bottle.
sigh... so I paid retail. A freaking $23 something.
Which is almost what I paid for that Estee Lauder and more than my MAC polishes.

The new to Singapore Revlon Minted

and Ocean Breeze.
These are LE too. Well, at least that's what the SA told me.
So once they're gone, we're not likely to see them anymore.
At retail, these are $11.90 each.
Tip here though, I was at Robinsons at Cityhall and they were having a promotion; 10 + 20%
Kinda worked out to about $8.50 or so per bottle which I thought was kinda decent.

Been debating if I wanna get a few others - Gum Drop, Grey Suede and Lilac Pastelle.
Those of you who have tried those 3, help me out.
What are your thoughts about Gum Drop, Grey Suede and Lilac Pastelle?

Oh and Marie! I got you the Ocean Breeze =)

This one I confess is an impulse buy.
Sally Hansen Grape Going.
To be honest, most of the SH polishes that I buy locally are impulse purchases.
Most of the time, I only get the base coats or cuticle removers only.
I keep hoping that SH would bring in their other more interesting polishes.
But everytime I get to their counters, I'm disappointed.
Its always the same old pinks and reds or the old collections.
So until they buck up, I resist.

and lastly Stage #19 Extreme.
My picture doesn't do this one justice.
It actually looks more olive and has got gold glittering stuff.
Camera just refused to pick those up.

Got this one at Bugis Junction (its near the Starbucks)
Retail is usually $15 if I don't remember wrongly.
But I got this a couple of weeks back when it was on promo (at about $9)

Still have a few stuff on its way to me - mainly from the new China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection.
Will post pics of those when I get them


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