Monday, July 12, 2010

Babes from Downunder

heh... I don't know about you guys
but I have the tendency to think of my polishes in the female gender
so they're either my girls, babes, ladies, tramps blah blah blah

So anyway, I had a swap with a wonderful Nb'er from Australia
and she sent me these really gorgeous babes:

ozotic pro #504

closeup of the duochrome

this is #521

closeup of #521

Bloom Bianca!

isn't she gorgeous?

Jessica Mauboy II

Mena! OMG! Mena!
check out that rainbow!


Nixxy said...

Oh wow! They changed the shape of the Ozotic bottles - cool :) They are all very beautiful. Alas, as an Aussie I still can't wear any of them as I'm allergic to the formaldehyde resin in them, but they are some of the best from our fair isle - enjoy!

Jackie S. said...

I saw #521 on another blog and fell in LOVE, I can not wait to see your swatch! Gorgeous!

Berry T said...

That's really a pity Nixxy =(

Jackie S,
heh... you might have to wait a while before I get to #521!
I have tons of Asian polishes to swatch for 2 promised swaps before I can get to the other stuff!!

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