Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is why I love OPI MPJ

Got the "black" holo comparison done today.
Of cos, "black" here is being used loosely =P

here they are in the bottles:

Skinfood black holo.
Have you guys ever swapped away a polish only to go and buy it back?
This is what I did with this one.
and I'm (again) asking myself if I need this or should I swap it again
*rolls eyes at myself*

Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm.
This is the first time I'm trying a polish from Diamond Cosmetics,
and I must say I'm pretty impressed with its application.
Just pissed that international ship is ridiculous the last I checked.

Color Club Revvvolution.

OPI My Private Jet

China Glaze Lets Do It in 3D

Pinky - Skinfood Black Holo
Ring - Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm
Middle - Color Club Revvvolution
Index - OPI MPJ
Thumb - China Glaze Lets Do It in 3D

For comparison purposes, all were done in 3 coats + 1 coat Diamont

However, in real life, probably only OPI MPJ and China Glaze Lets Do It in 3D would need the 3rd coat.
The others were opaque in 2 coats

But seriously, the ones that needed the 3rd coat looked the best outta the entire lot

while in the cab

heh. this time round the driver asked what I was doing.
To save myself the hassle, I just replied that I was trying out my camera =P

and the ones taken at night with the camera flash.

So if you can ever get your hands on the original OPI MPJ
Grab IT!


amusedPolish said...

I've got all except the skinfood one and I love my holo MPJ too :)
(it looks even more stunning when you do a coat of an opaque black first, then mpj :D

Rebie said...

wow they're all so great

Berry T said...

thanks for that tip! will try that the next time =)

heh! I'm too much in lurve with MPJ
Think I need to do the others on their own to be able to better appreciate the rest =P

Jackie S. said...

I have the Original MPJ and I'll never let it go, but honestly I love the skin food and the China Glaze, I need those to add to my collection! Great post!

Berry T said...

heh Jackie,
if I ever decide to let go the Skinfood one again, I'll let you know =)

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