Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

ok, poll's over too.
and it seems like I need to get my cotton pads out in full force for the coming month =)

Noted that Asian brands/exclusives are a close second (very very close)
so I'll try to hit some of those too k

So to start off, I have for you the beauty that is Hidden Treasure.
This one sure caused a lot of frenzy on the Nail Board over at MUA
I did it once over Fiercely Fiona, but didn't really appreciate its full beauty

well. here it is over Orly Ole.
Glowing fire embers.
I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Sun pics

again while in a cab
(yeah, I have to do a lot of travelling given my work)

smoking hot right?

p/s: I'm still going through the list of entries.
Sorry for the delay but I've had a few long days with work and class.
I'll promise to do the draw by this weekend latest k!


Susy said...

Ooh it looks gorgeous!!

Stopdidine said...

I like very much the color of the varnish

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Jackie S. said...

Aweesome mani, red hot!

Berry T said...

yeah! flaming hot!
had TONS of people complimenting me on this one! and I mean TONS! strangers even!
have to LOVE HT!

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