Saturday, June 26, 2010

Its Time For The...


Revlon Streetwear #03 Prince Charming

Nfu-Oh #065

Nubar Absolute

Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Blue Aura

OPI DS Sapphire

ok, get ready your shades!
They're blinding!

Painted in order:
Pinky - Nubar Absolute
Ring - SH Blue Aura
Middle - OPI DS Sapphire
Index - Nfu-Oh #065
Thumb - Streetwear Prince Charming

For comparison purpose, all were done in 3 coats + 1 coat Diamont.
In fact, almost all the polishes needed the 3rd coat.
The only one that I could probably get away with 2 coats would be the OPI.

Prince Charming was the most sheer, and probably might even do better with a 4th coat.
Prince Charming is also the most different from the entire lot.
It not only has holo glitter, its also a duochrome to boot.
Flashes a lot of gold.
Unfortunately, I don't think pictures of a single thumb swatch were able to capture that duochrome.
I'll have to do a proper mani for that in a future post.

Have heard that Nfu-Oh holos look best with their Aqua Base and Topcoats.
I don't know if that really makes a difference, but I definitely had application problems with my Nfu-Oh.
Had to be really really careful with the 3rd coat to even out the streakiness.

And it was the same for the Sally Hansen one.
3rd coat had to be done really carefully.
But those 2 were the most holo of the entire lot.
and I really love the base colour of Blue Aura.

Sapphire was one of my first blue OPI that I purchased so it really has some sentimental value for me.
heh. the fact that it glides on smooth and opaque in 2 coats didn't hurt either

And in this lot of 5, Absolute was the one that wow-ed me the least.
It looks pretty in the sun, but the holo pales in comparison with the rest really.
Probably another one that I need to do on its own to appreciate it better.

These 2 were taken when the sky was overcast.
Kinda shows the base colour without the holo to distract.

and lastly the night shots with the camera flash


Rachel said...

This is an awesome comparison - thank you so much! I had SH Blue Aura on my wishlist but wasn't sure it was really worth it if I was going to eventually get the NfuOh, but in your photos the SH shows up as such a nice bold blue, it's definitely one I need. And I agree, the Nubar is the most "meh" of all of 'em, so that one can come off the wishlist. :)

Berry T said...

glad to have helped rachel =)

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