Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Mess

Its been raining over the weekend
so I don't have good sunlight pictures of today's mani
Will try to get one tomorrow if the weather co-operates

Started with a Skinfood which reminded me of OPI's Who the Shrek are You?
Couldn't find a code for this one, so I'm just going to call it Shrek Green

Swatch pic of the Skinfood Shrek Green
2 coats

Like I said, its grey and drab here and so are the pics.

Grabbed the bottle of S-he #451

1 coat + Diamont over Skinfood

Left an accent nail so that I'll be able to get a more accurate shot tomorrow

Then I dug out my konad
and this is what I ended up with.

It looks like a mess doesn't it
and I have problems getting crisp lines with Diamont...

AND guys, Rebekah has gotten back to me re her giveaway prizes,
so I will be posting May's purge tomorrow, 9 am Singapore time.

You will get to choose 1 polish of your choice,
and I'll ship it over, no swap or purchase needed.
Just my little way to reward you guys.
First come first serve!


Rhea said...

9 am. Singapore time??? that's the middle of the night here :P

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!!those green are looking forward for ur may purge!!I should set my alarm early 9am LOL!!!

chocaddict said...

congrats to Rebekah again :)
that way to purge your stash is very generous! HUbby wonders whether my addiction will make me set my alarm at 3am or not...haven't decided yet ^_^

Jan said...

nice mani. :)

this reminds me also of LA colors current. here's a post on my blog

stopdidine said...

I like with the glitter and the stamping

whee said...

where did you buy the s-he? (:

Ayuu said...

I love your mani, it's a great design :)

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