Monday, June 21, 2010

Gold Holo Comparisons

Ok, I've lined up a few comparison posts for the next few days
Figured it'll be one of the fastest way to get through the stash
and also to see if there are any dupes I should get rid of

Here are the polishes for today's post:

H&M Cha Cha

OPI DS Classic

Color Club Love 'em Leave em'

OPI Opening Night Gold

And here they are all lined up in a row.
This one's taken when the sun was shining through

With camera flash

Indoors, no sun

and here they are on the nails.
ahem... pls try to ignore the dry skin.
Took these just outta the shower and haven't moisturised yet
(damn marco for showing up every flaw)

In order:
Pinky - Love 'em Leave 'em
Ring - Opening Night Gold
Middle - Classic
Index - Cha Cha

All are 2 coats + 1 coat Diamont

I don't have any issues in application with all 4 polishes
*although my DS Classic has a wonky bristle*

As you can see (hopefully), colour wise, the Color Club and the 2 OPIs are the closest.
They're more flesh-toned while the H&M one comes across as somewhat more of a champagne-gold
(and unfortunately the more un-flattering one on my skin-tone).

Cha Cha also happens to be the least holo of the lot.
The prettiest holos also happens to be the 2 OPIs, although classic comes across as a scattered holo while Opening Night Gold is the linear version.
Love 'em Leave 'em just falls a little short of the 2 OPIs

These are the indoor pictures.

and lastly one with the Camera flash


Tilly said...

Ooooh. I love colours like this. Work appropriate but stunning. I think Love 'em Leave 'em is my fave.

Berry T said...

Glad you liked these Tilly =)

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