Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glittering Ladybugs

2 in 1 post for today - a comparison and a nail art

Color Club Ruby Slippers
Easily my fave red glitter polish

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Etude House RD010
(Tiffani, this one's going into the swap with you!)

This one's taken in the early morning sun.

Pinky & Index - Etude House RD010 (3 coats + 1 Diamont)
Ring - Color Club Ruby Slippers (2 coats + 1 Diamont)
Middle & Thumb - China Glaze Ruby Pumps (2 coats + 1 Diamont)

The next 3 pics are taken in the afternoon sun

Hopefully, you can tell that Color Club is just that tad brighter than the other 2
Ruby Slippers was also opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 anyway.
Unfortuantely, the only drawback for this polish is that you'll probably need 2 coats of TC,
otherwise it can feel rather bumpy

The Etude House and China Glaze are more like dupes for each other.
Only thing was the Etude House version needed the 3rd coat to be opaque
Otherwise there really isn't any other issue.

If I had to choose only one, I'll definitely go for Ruby Slippers.
In fact, I think its one of the polishes that I use a lot more often in my nail art
The glitter is just too pretty
*although my pictures doesn't seem to capture it that well*


Cab pic(s)
that seem to become more common in this blog =P

and the night shots with the camera flash.

Then I got bored last night while watching TV
and ended up with this:

In case you wanted to know,
I used OPI Black Onyx and I Love Mummy

Yay or nay?
Can't make up my mind on the ladybugs...


Audrey said...

LOVE THE LADY BUG!! So, when you get bored you become artistic - pretty neat!! All those reds look great on you - China Glaze is my favorite too!! Great mani's!!

Shiny! said...

Ruby Pumps is my favorite red, but they're all beautiful! I like the ladybugs but wouldn't easy wear it myself :)

Saori said...

Thanks for this comparison & this nail art is so cute...... I love :)

Susy said...

I love the ladybugs! They are so cute!! :D

Jackie S. said...

The lady bugs are cute, but all those eyes staring back at me would drive me batty :P

Red looks really good on you! :)

Anonymous said...


Berry T said...

thank you ladies =)
heh.. Jackie, those eyes did drive me nuts
kept thinking that those eyes were on me while at work typing away!

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