Saturday, May 29, 2010

U&A #8031

U&A #8031
This one is also in the giveaway.
Almost forgot to swatch this one before the deadline

Please remember to enter yourself for my giveaway if you haven't.
The link is on the top left corner of the blog

2 coats without topcoat
Really really dense silver glitter in teal jelly

It actually quite sheer (probably would have needed another coat)
but otherwise really really pretty.
Application was ok as well.

Seriously, if I didn't already have Zoya Charla,
I would have fallen head over heels with this.
Charla has that blue-teal-green effect which is missing in this U&A one.


I suspect U&A is made in China
That's where I first came across this brand actually
They've got some really pretty glitters/foil polishes
However, I don't think they're B3F,
I'm not 100% sure since ingredients ain't listed anywhere but all my U&As have that awesome polish fume stink


Indoors with the camera flash

On another side note:
In case you're wondering when I'm doing my May purge,
it would have to be after the giveaway since the winner would have first dibs at picking one polish of her choice from the May purge.

But good news is: I've decided that since it is my blogiversary month,
I'm going to also give the purge pile away so that there'll be more happy readers =)
Each one will get to pick one polish of their choice and I'll ship them over
*first come first serve of cos*

No worries, I'll do another announcement when its almost time to post the purge
so just watch out for that k =)


Jamie K. said...

hooray! hope I can get my hands on one! hehe!

Saori said...

fun color, very shiny and great news too :) It's very nice from you :)

Rhea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhea said...

i'll cross my fingers!

Musicalhouses said...

that's such a beautiful bright blue foil! Love it!

Berry T said...

yay! I'm glad that you guys are happy with the purge giveaway news!
makes my day! =)

I'm putting this one into the purge as well, so keep an eye out for it k =)

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