Monday, May 10, 2010

Some high-end stuff

I still have some stuff in the mail on their way here,
but that's it.
After this, I'm on a no-buy again.
At least for the next month.

My very first Chanel: #527 Nouvelle Vague.
I told myself previously that I will never pay for a Chanel.
I even resisted the lure of Particuliere.
But I caved for Nouvelle Vague.
Swatches by various bloggers and NBers were just too awesome!
I can't wait till I finish the last 3 of the Shrek OPIs to do this!

Then one evening, while rushing to a 7:30 pm pole session,
I happened to pass by the MAC counter at Raffles City and guess what!
They were having the launch of the new Pret-a-Papier Collection.

It was a "Dang it! Checks watch. Shit, 7:15 pm already but what the hell" moment.

Brown Bag.
I'm hoping that this one won't end up looking like poop on me.


Some black label OPIs that I happened to find in a beauty shop at Far East Plaza.
I don't usually want to pay retail for OPIs and these were definitely more than what I would pay for usually but man, I've been looking high and low for these...

Man of La Mancha

Merryberry Mauve

Movin' Out

Sugarplum Yum

all I need now is to find La Boheme...


amusedPolish said...

I'm droolling over the black label opi's

p said...

hey babe, which shop did you grab those from?

Saori said...

Each time, I read "no buy again" but each time I see that you have new polishes !!!
How much bottles do you have :) You are a very polish addict lol

Berry T said...

*passes amusedPolish a bucket and tissue*

Its at Far East Plaza, 4th level I think.
I just threw away the card, so I'm not too sure but the shop is named Enamour (or something else that starts with 'e') Beauty.
Hope that helps

hahahaha... that's cos I often fall off the no-buy wagon!!
But I'm trying to restrict myself for now. I still have some polishes that are in the process of being shipped. But those were ordered before the MAC and Chanel.
I'm definitely trying to curb the spending for now.
As for how many bottles, I seriously have no idea anymore. Maybe 500 or 600??
but hehe... bull's eye.
I'm Sherry and I'm a nail polish addict =)

Jackie S. said...

Wow! I really like Man of La Mancha!

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