Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Parcel from France

Marie sent me these wonderful babies!
Stuff which ain't available here in Singapore!
Thank you so much dearie!!

P2 is a German drugstore brand.
Actually I've seen swatches of some of the polishes from this brand,
and I was especially lemming...

#249 Dangerous

I almost fell off my chair when I opened this one!!
Serious lemming fulfilled!!
Marie, if you were there at that point,
I would have grabbed and smothered you in kisses!! =P

I don't care how its going to look like on me.
I'm hoarding this one!! It looks so pretty in the bottle!!
Mine!! YAY!!

hee... other pretties from P2:

#232 Shockful

#169 Electric

#141 Fever
I'm rather drawn to this bright pink too =)

Another German brand Essence #02 Romeo (the silver one) and #02 Julia (the glitter one)
Marie wrote that these 2 were meant to be used together, as in Romeo and Juliet (except it was spelt as Julia on the bottle)
Now how cute is that!

A closer look at the pair.
I like how the glitter in Julia (Juliet) is square shaped instead of the usual round or hexagonal ones.

2 nail art pens from Essence

Swiss brand Mavala #30 Mexico.
Another one which I've seen swatched and went gaga over..

Seriously Marie, its like you took a look inside my brain,
the polish-lemming part of the brain!
Thank You so Much my Dear!
Its really very appreciated!!
*big grin*

ps: erm... I kinda almost finished all the delicious candy you sent me.
My colleagues were so jealous when they saw the candy, I gave them a few too =)


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

What a fabulous package to receive! I have gotten Electric and Gorgeous in P2 from a swapper in Germany. Love their textures.

Renata said...

it s nice!!

amusedPolish said...

awesome swap-package :D

I love p2 polishes but somehow i don't use them as often as i would like....

Berry T said...

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes,
Its really a great package. Yours too!!
Thank you sooooo much!

Renata, amusedPolish,
yep its awesome! I can't wait to try the P2 ones!! Dang it, 1 more OPI to go!

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