Friday, May 28, 2010

Orly La Playa, Sally Hansen Pink Pearl

This one's for Rhea
She wanted to see Orly La Playa =)

2 coats without any topcoat

My bottle was a little thick, but I didn't have much problems with the application


heh. I think you guys can tell how much I liked this one =P


I wanted to see how Pink Pearl would look over darker colours
so I layered it on

Definitely much better than over Fiesta
but I'm still don't think I'll hang onto it


and I took one with the camera flash hoping that the duochrome effect would pop more


wendy said...

hey!! I was so so surprised to know you are from sg! i tot all those nail polish blogs are based in the west. :) Thumbs up to you!

btw, i was looking for this orly viva minis, just wondering where did you get them??!!

Berry T said...

Hello there too!! *waves*
heh, yeah I know. A lot of the blogs are US or Europe. I hardly come across any others that are from the East or SE Asia.

I got the mini orlys from a pre-order I did. Added the link below.
Ask Boki if she is still able to get it for you =)

Rhea said...

Ooh, I love this polish! I'm definitely getting this one!

Rhea said...

BTW, my blog is is a S. Asian one too, Indian to be exact =)

Jamie K. said...

and im a fellow singaporean :P *waves*

Berry T said...

I'll have to go check your blog out Rhea!!

*waves to Jamie*
Yours too dearie!!


Berry T said...

Rhea dear,
can I have your blog address pls?

Rhea said...

yup, sure:

Rhea said...

& I also followed your blog, jamie :)

Rebie said...

this blue is gorgeous

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