Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orly Fiesta

I thought I'll do the new Orly collection that's out
Somehow I haven't seen a lot of it on blogs or posts yet
or maybe I'm just way behind in my reading and need to catch up faster

Starting with Fiesta.
Grabbed that actually cos I was in a crappy mood.
yes. again.

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe

Hot neon pink that dries semi-matte
so put on your TC if you want it glossy.
No issues with application either

Also there's some pink shimmer going on but its a lot more obvious in the bottle than on the nail.
Pretty colour otherwise, but nothing too exciting.
Might be cos of my mood.
Or the tons of pinks I have in my overflowing stash...

took this one while in a speeding cab

and the night shots.


Rhea said...

I'd love to see La Playa!

Ayuu said...

Lovely color, I want it ^^

chocaddict said...

SOrry to read you had reasons to be in a bad mood :( that cheerful pink should have cheered you up though, it looks brilliant!

Irishenchantment said...

lovely colour :) hope your mood picks up soon *hugs*

Berry T said...

awww... you girls are so sweet!
I kicked some shopping ass today so I'm definitely feeling much better
*Hugs back*

No worries! I'll do La Playa for my mani tomorrow just for you! =)

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