Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nubar Opulent Pearl over OPI Funky Dunkey / RBL Mismas

ok, I was trying to cool off a lemming
so I grabbed my bottle of Nubar Opulent Pearl and layered over the previous comparison nails...

Please excuse the tip wear and dry cuticles
was taken after an intensive week of pole sessions

Pictures taken in sunlight.
Added 2 layers of Opulent Pearl and topped off with Poshe


chocaddict said...

having a lemming for SH's Hidden Treasure, haven't you sweetie? Me too...and baddddd!
Nice combo ;)

Berry T said...

bahahaha.... I knew it!
I knew a blogger would definitely know!!
Bull's eye babe!!

ART OF NAIL said...


Berry T said...

Thank you! =)

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