Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a quick update

Ok, the giveaway is officially closed.
I took a quick peek at the entries during lunchtime
total of 104 entries
UNFORTUNATELY, there seems to be some names that I don't recognise as followers
I'll have to go through them again before I get the contest machine to do the random drawing k
So hang in there while results are being sorted out k babes


chocaddict said...

I sooo know what you mean, I'm going through the entries of my own giveaway right now, that's the part I hate, it's really tedious >.<

Rhea said...

Just thought I'd tell, I comment as 'rhea', but follow as 'rhea katyal'. So I entered as 'rhea katyal'. I hope that's what v were supposed to do :)

Berry T said...

hahaha... I didn't think that I would be the only blogger who hated this portion of giveaways!
but I always hope that the joy that it brings to someone would make up for all that tedium!

Yep, you did right! That's what I need really. I know some of my followers and especially those who comment.
But I think there may be some who are following but didn't put in the name that they follow with but I really won't know then!
then I think there might be some who aren't following but have entered and that's just not fair to the rest of you guys...

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