Monday, May 17, 2010

I don't dare to get a Helmer...

Ok. Its official.
I've completely run out of "cots" to store my babies.
But I don't dare to get a Helmer even though the Ikea store is less than half an hour away
I'm already completely insane with just 6 bins
What's going to happen if I get a Helmer?!

Confession: I caved. Again.
But I swear! Only on that one single crappy and exhausting day.
Otherwise, I have been good...

From a swap with DragonRhia who sent me the most amazing package straight off my lemming list:

Claire's Mood Changing Nail Polish in Peaceful & Confident.
We don't have a Claire's in Singapore.
So everytime someone blogs or posts something exciting from Claire's,
my nail polish heart just dies a little bit more =P

and the elusive and amazing Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure!!!

what I secretly call fish scales in a bottle.
I think I can hear the angels singing...

Sinful Hottie.
How aptly named. HAWT all right!

off ebay:
*and this one was already in the mail when I declared my no-buy!*

Nubar Diamont Topcoat.
I wanted a change in TC, esp since my Poshe started turning my white konad yellow.
Didn't really want Seche since I heard it does the same as Poshe,
and I heard really good stuff about Diamont from the NB.

Essie Jazz

St Lucia Lilac
I don't know why but I keep buying lilacs recently...

The Summer Resort Collection that I wanted even though Essie raised their damn prices

Lapis of Luxury

Playa Del Platinum

Splash of Gernadine

Turquoise & Caicos

Then another amazing swap package.
Really. You guys are the best!
From HydraMirage,

Zoya Irene


I have fish scales in a bottle and now gasoline too =P


My very first Milani!
In Key Lime Shine

NYX Girls in CN135 Shy

and CN169 Irises

and swap package from Liz,

Callas PP02 Juicy Sky

ORma NV03 and

Orma NV5.

Am told that Callas is a French brand and ORma is from Germany

ok, and these are the purchases I made on that fateful day I fell off the no-buy bandwagon...

The new Orly iViva mini collection:
*I added labels and had to tape them around the bottles*



La Playa


Then while on the way to have dinner therapy with a friend,
I spotted polish in a store called the Make Up Store.
I know. I should have just walked away.
But curiousity killed the cat.

I asked the SA and she explained that they are a Swedish brand.
The nail polishes go for SGD$21 each. Pretty expensive in my opinion but they have some cool holos and flakies too!

I restrained myself (thank god esp at $21 a pop) and only got the blue holo. Its called SIW.

and then while getting shampoo in a thrift store, I happened to see nail polish on a shelf.
Would have passed but this one caught my eye; Ottie #14 Pale Green.
It looks pretty unique in the bottle, like green mixed with grey and since it was only $3.90, I caved too.
*sigh. yes. I'm weak-willed*

and remember my "I'm panicking" haul from TD?
The 2nd batch is here but with problems.
My Colour Club Ms Socialite broke and polish got everywhere.

and I ordered 2 sets of these, but only 1 set came.
This one's for the giveaway I'm hosting right now but since I'm missing my own set,
I won't be able to swatch these anymore.
Heh... which may be a blessing in disguise since I have no more space for them anyway.

Oh... my spree organiser was kind enough to help to clean up the bottles since Ms Socialite crapped all over them.
But the lucky winner who's going to get these, pls don't mind if you see stray polish marks here and there k.

China Glaze 2030.
Got this one for konading actually.

Flyin' High

Flying Dragon.
Holy cow! Did you see the blue particles in the bottle?

Towel Boy Toy.
I keep calling this Towel Toy Boy instead. I have no idea why.

Anyway I think my camera's scared of neons.
Esp the blue and green versions.
No matter what angles or light, the bottle pictures turn out weird.

and shots of Turned Out Turquoise looked a little like Towel Toy Boy.
no... wait, Towel Boy Toy.

So I took one of them together, just to see if the colours may come out better...

Colour Club High Society

and Who are you Wearing?
yeah... I have a thing for greige too recently...

and hee... see my spree organiser is so hardworking.
She even cleaned off the label of my Colour Club!

Okay, so I need some opinions from you guys.
heh. and no, I'm not asking if I should get a Helmer =P

Well, I'm planning to do the Chanel Nouvelle Vague for my next mani,
but after that, I figured that since I got the entire collection of the Essie Summer Resort and the Orly iViva, I could post manis of those.
So I wanted to know which ones you guys wanna see first - the Essie or the Orly?

Also, I went through my stash and realized that I can probably do a decent greige/taupe comparison.
Probably one of light-blue holos too...
Not sure if you guys wanna see those though?


ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! great hauls and great swaps!! im looking forward for ur swatches of Make up store

chocaddict said...

I always love a comparison ;)
It's great you managed to get the infamous Hidden Treasure! and not to mention the absolutely fabulous other polishes you got.
Enjoy all your pretties hun.
BTW I have a Helmer and it's a pretty neat storage solution...except I'll have to get a second one real soon I think.

Saori said...

You caved ha ha ha !!! It's not a suprise lol It's official, you are a little crazy hi hi hi
Because of you and your new wonderful friends, I drool in front of my computer !!!!! Thank you very much !!!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...


I ordered 2 "Spellbound" kits, and they sent me 2 of the "Buy Two get One" that you are missing....I called the company, and they don't have the Spellbound in stock, yet, IT'S STILL ON THE WEBSITE!!! *yells* Boo.


you nailed it! said...

like it!
i have a give away on my blog!

Berry T said...

I hope to get to that soon actually;
planning to do a blue holo comparison...

yep, I'm really grateful to the NB'er!
and what you mentioned is the exact thing I fear about getting a Helmer! I'm worried that I'll have to get a 2nd Helmer! hahaha...

heh... is there a nail polish anonymous anywhere?? =P

Boo! That's terrible!
I wonder how many are in your same plight?!
Someone should take a hammer to them!
Hope you'll get your kit soon though!

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