Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Another quick post with crappy pics shot in overcast skies.
Sorry guys but its been constantly raining here these few days.
I really wished I had proper sun to take photos of this one.

Chanel Nouvelle Vague.

I had to do 4 coats for it to be even!

My first experience with a Chanel polish.
Streaky as hell and sheer to boot.
Seriously for 30 plus bucks, I need butter-smooth application.
And 2 coats. Not 4 or 5!

Shots taken while in the office.
Unfortunately I think the lights here pulled a lot of yellow outta my skin.
My hand looks totally jaundiced!

And the one taken at night.
Sorry guys, I realised with the new camera,
I need to position my hand further away for the night shots.
Otherwise the glare from the camera flash just washes everything else out.


Wan said...

Love NV on you! I picked it up a few weeks ago but I still haven't swatched it yet. Kinda sad to learn it has such a terrible application!

Berry T said...

Thank you dear!
Its my 1st Chanel and I must say that if not for the colour, I would have been extremely disappointed!

Jackie S. said...

Too bad about the application and formula...I agree at $30 it has to damn near perfect!

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