Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a quick update

Ok, the giveaway is officially closed.
I took a quick peek at the entries during lunchtime
total of 104 entries
UNFORTUNATELY, there seems to be some names that I don't recognise as followers
I'll have to go through them again before I get the contest machine to do the random drawing k
So hang in there while results are being sorted out k babes

Orly Ole

Broke my nails again and I have no idea how.
When I got into the shower, my nails were all perfectly ok.
Came outta it with 4 breaks! Tips and toes!
Bad breaks too
They're all down to super nubs, the kind that hurts cos its all the way down to the nail bed =(
Seriously WTH! Its not as if I engage in water aerobics while showering!

Ok. End rant.
Back to the Orly iViva Collection.
Today I have for you Orly Ole

heh... I have this temptation to add an exclaimation mark after Ole

2 coats without topcoat.
A very pretty pink-toned coral.

Ole surprised me.
When I first got the bottle, I thought that this would be another bleah colour.
Somehow, I also had this idea of it as being more orange than pink too
(and I'm not a big fan of oranges and yellows)

But this is probably going to end up as one of my fave pedi colours

Unfortunately, that first pic is the one single shot I managed in the sun before the rain clouds came rolling in fast
So my fingers are a little off-colour here in this second shot

Here's the indoors one.

I've layered Hidden Treasure over it now.
Its really hawt! Like glowing fire embers!
I'll wait for the sun before I get those shots.
Can't do it justice otherwise!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rachael's Wedding

A couple of reminders before I get on to today's post.
First, my blog anniversary giveaway.
Its going to end soon! So if you haven't entered yourself, pls do so fast!

Second, I got a little poll going on.
Would really love to hear from you guys the theme you would like to see for next month =)

Both the poll and the giveaway link are located in the top left corner of the blog k

Back to the post proper then.
I had a couple of stuff that inspired another nail art design:

1) Nail art video from one of my fave nail blogger Tartofraises

2) Nail art design from Nail Venus 2009 Bible (Japan Nail Art Mag)
The salon that came up with this set is also listed in the pic; La Courronne

and lastly,
3) my colleague's wedding yesterday
Congrats Rach!
It was an absolute romantic and heart-warming celebration =)

I used another U&A for the nail art.
This one is #8012

So I combined all the 3 elements and this is what I came up with:

Indoor shot that's taken right after the nail art was completed.

At night after I returned from the wedding.
Heh. I only used topcoat and was amazed that most of the rhinestones and glitter stayed on

But somehow, I must have bashed my nails against something while I slept.
A couple of them dropped off overnight

Pity. I really liked this set and was hoping that it would last the entire weekend.

p/s: Removal gave me major smurf fingers.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

U&A #8031

U&A #8031
This one is also in the giveaway.
Almost forgot to swatch this one before the deadline

Please remember to enter yourself for my giveaway if you haven't.
The link is on the top left corner of the blog

2 coats without topcoat
Really really dense silver glitter in teal jelly

It actually quite sheer (probably would have needed another coat)
but otherwise really really pretty.
Application was ok as well.

Seriously, if I didn't already have Zoya Charla,
I would have fallen head over heels with this.
Charla has that blue-teal-green effect which is missing in this U&A one.


I suspect U&A is made in China
That's where I first came across this brand actually
They've got some really pretty glitters/foil polishes
However, I don't think they're B3F,
I'm not 100% sure since ingredients ain't listed anywhere but all my U&As have that awesome polish fume stink


Indoors with the camera flash

On another side note:
In case you're wondering when I'm doing my May purge,
it would have to be after the giveaway since the winner would have first dibs at picking one polish of her choice from the May purge.

But good news is: I've decided that since it is my blogiversary month,
I'm going to also give the purge pile away so that there'll be more happy readers =)
Each one will get to pick one polish of their choice and I'll ship them over
*first come first serve of cos*

No worries, I'll do another announcement when its almost time to post the purge
so just watch out for that k =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Orly La Playa, Sally Hansen Pink Pearl

This one's for Rhea
She wanted to see Orly La Playa =)

2 coats without any topcoat

My bottle was a little thick, but I didn't have much problems with the application


heh. I think you guys can tell how much I liked this one =P


I wanted to see how Pink Pearl would look over darker colours
so I layered it on

Definitely much better than over Fiesta
but I'm still don't think I'll hang onto it


and I took one with the camera flash hoping that the duochrome effect would pop more

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Pink Pearl over Orly Fiesta

ok, I fooled around some more with the Orly Fiesta that I had on
Added a layer of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Pink Pearl

Please excuse the shrinkage that you see.
I need to go thin my Poshe soon...

After I slapped this on, I couldn't make up my mind whether I liked it or not.
For one, the shimmer is definitely more apparent.

The thing is, it really reminded me of those tacky fake pink pearls that you sometimes see hanging off costume jewellery =P

and here are the night shots

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orly Fiesta

I thought I'll do the new Orly collection that's out
Somehow I haven't seen a lot of it on blogs or posts yet
or maybe I'm just way behind in my reading and need to catch up faster

Starting with Fiesta.
Grabbed that actually cos I was in a crappy mood.
yes. again.

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe

Hot neon pink that dries semi-matte
so put on your TC if you want it glossy.
No issues with application either

Also there's some pink shimmer going on but its a lot more obvious in the bottle than on the nail.
Pretty colour otherwise, but nothing too exciting.
Might be cos of my mood.
Or the tons of pinks I have in my overflowing stash...

took this one while in a speeding cab

and the night shots.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Theme for next month?

Ok, I had completely forgotten about these.
I think I got these off someone's purge a while back.


Illamasqua MILF.

Mac Wildfire

Right, so back to the question that's the title of today's post.
I had this idea to do a theme for next month.
Came up with a few options and would like you guys to take a vote.
The poll is over at the top left corner, just below the reminder for the giveaway.
Or if you have any other ideas, you can also leave a comment =)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frosty Meadow

Yay! The sun's back up!
Just nice since I had the inspiration for nail art yesterday =)

DaBoo polish - Green with Silver Glitter.
This one's also in the giveaway prize (no worries, the bottle in the prize will be brand new).
Pls remember to enter if you haven't k.
The link to the post is in the top left corner =)

Also used Orly Bare Rose in the nail art.

Was inspired by a picture of a lovely green field with pretty flowers.
Reminded me of spring and with the recent wet and drab weather we got,
I needed something a little more cheery on my nails

ok, its not really obvious but I used Bare Rose for the middle strip that's hidden under all the pearls...

oh... and pls excuse the lop-sided shape that my thumb is in.
still in the process of trying to even it out after the awful break

and the accent nails is really meant more for a swatch of the DaBoo polish.
I have no idea where this DaBoo polish is from.
I happened to grab it off a cart in a shopping mall.
This one is actually a little sheer, I did 3 coats on my nails but it probably would need another 1 or 2 more coats to be properly opaque.

Blurred a little for the glitter =)

Here are the indoor shots

and lastly the one taken last night.

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