Monday, April 19, 2010

What happened?

Can I just find out if its a crime to keep your bottle of Poshe Quick-Dry TC for too long?

Ok, so after the "work-appropriate" colours week,
I grabbed my bottle of China Glaze Outta Bounds for some colour.

Here it is,
taken at night with camera flash.

I did 3 lovely coats and used the last of 1 bottle of Poshe.

So I woke up in the morning thinking that I'll add some konad to jazz it up further.
Grabbed my bottle of Konad white special polish and Plate m36
and stamped away...

Of cos I had to seal the konad right.
So I opened my new bottle of Poshe which I had with me a at least a couple of months now,
and "floated" the TC over...

Started congratulating myself for improving my konad skills
and then the next thing I see,
my white konad started turning yellow?!

The yellow is more obvious in the indoor pictures.

By the end of the day,
my mani also started chipping!
The index one just popped off in a whole piece!

I have no idea what happened?!
China Glaze polishes are usually good for me.
and I used my normal products.

The only thing new today was that new bottle of Poshe Quick-Dry TC.
So I wanna ask if there is anything wrong in keeping a bottle of Poshe for too long?
Or does anyone know what happened here?

When I removed the mani, the cotton pad was stained yellow too.


Öykü said...

Hey, you have been tagged:

The Polish Hoochie said...

The only thing I can think is the use of the Poshe over the Konad. If you apply fast dry T/C over dry polish (the parts the konad did not touch were dry) it does that one piece peely thing that happened to your index finger. The yellowing I have no idea. Having a top coat a couple of months should be no issue.

amusedPolish said...

over at MUA I've just read a few topics about it and no one seems to know the reason for it.. seems to be the same with seche vite that it turns white into yellow when it's completly dry...

Berry T said...

Thanks Oyku! I'm onto it!

Polish Hoochie, amusedPolish,

Thanks for sharing! I headed over to MUA too and I guess I've to look for another TC now when konading. Although I'm still a little put off by the yellowing.

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