Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Tale of Blue India

When swatches of MAC's Blue India appeared on other blogs and on the Nail Board,
I oohhhed and ahhhhed and basically went gaga over it.
I swore I'll get my hands on this beauty.

I went to check out the official launch of the collection: 2 April 2010.
I called the SAs at the MAC counters and they confirmed it.
Still it wasn't enough;
whenever I passed by a MAC counter, I'll walk in as if that would make the polish magically appear.

Then came an sms from a fellow polish lover Sheri (yep, our names are similar too!):
MAC released the collection ahead of the official launch date!
Blue India's sold out!

I went nuts!
And they had to release it when I reminded myself not to be "crazy" and stop walking in
So much for restraint.

So I called MAC again and was told to go down on 1 April 2010.
Well, talk about it being April's Fool.
When I got there, stocks were still not in!

I think I kinda terrified the poor SA, especially when she said they don't do reservations for Limited Editions.
I mean I called a gazillion times, and even walked in probably the same gazillion times and no one told me that it'll be released earlier?!
Then one of your SAs told me to come down but it's still not there?!
And you don't even apologise for that?!

She eventually promised to save me a bottle (otherwise she might have been mauled),
but with the dire threat that if I don't turn up the next day, she'll have to release it to someone else.

So here is my beloved bottle of Blue India.
*never come between me and Blue India*

2 lovely coats + 1 coat of Poshe Quick dry TC.
This one definitely has to go into my Top 20.

Taken at night.

The same evening that I got Blue India, Sheri texted me again:
She called MAC and apparently Blue India's sold out in a day!


Lily nail said...

i buy this color yesterday !!!

Michèle said...

Ha I loved reading your story! It can be so frustrating when you fell in love with a polish and it's so hard to get! But it was definitely worth all the hassle, because I think it looks gorgeous on you :-)

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I am hoping to find it tomorrow in the MAC store in Bermuda....fingers crossed.


emmajoy said...

The poor SAs must have been terrified of two crazy Sheri/Sherrys who were stalking the counter for Blue India. HAHAHA. We've probably been blacklisted!

chocaddict said...

hahaha what a story :)
I'm glad for you it was a happy ending and you got your beloved Blue India!
I don't like that MAC doesn't stick to the release date they promise, but then again I'm not a fan of their polishes at all ^^

Berry T said...

Lily nail,
I hope you'll love Blue India as much as I did!

Thanks dear! I love it to bits too! Its definitely going into my top 10 this round!

I really really hope you manage to get yours!

Sheri babe! My dear fellow polish lover!
hahaha... MAC can blacklist me for all I care! From now on, I'm going to stalk their counters each time I want something from a new collection!

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