Thursday, April 15, 2010

OPI Vintage Violet

I'm sorry about the lack of posts this week
but I've been so swamped and exhausted with work,
that by the time I get home, I just hit the sack.

I only had the chance for 1 mani change this week
and I had to go with simple and work appropriate as my week's schedule was packed with formal meetings, events and presentations.

So I picked an OPI from the Japan-exclusive Yokohama collection called Vintage Violet.

In direct sunlight.

In shade

At night with camera flash.

Unfortuantely I hated this one on me.
I had to do 3 painfully and carefully applied coats
This one's got a frosted, pearlized finish.
I had to be really careful with application, otherwise the brush stroke would be totally visible.
Vintage Violet also highlighted all the ridges and flaws of my nails.
And I definitely do not dig such a colour.
I kept looking at my nails this week and missing bright, vibrant colours.


Apaige2u said...

I actually like that on you - it says 'I'm going to work now - but I'm going to party hard this weekend!!' Very chic!!

mr. pineapple man said...

loving the colors and the nails!

Tanith said...

I find this color very nice on your nails !! It's feminine and fresh

Berry T said...

Yeah!!! I'm so ready to rock the weekend!!
*gets grooving*

anyway dear, I tried to open your blog link but its says that its not found??

mr. pineapple man
Thank you for the lovely compliment =)

hee... I think that's the problem here.
I had a friend who saw my mani and went, "Yo! So sweet! But its not you" =(

amusedPolish said...

I awarded you :)

Berry T said...

Thank you dear for the award!
I'll get to it soon! =)

priincess said...


don't forget to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!!

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