Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nubar Toga Purple

I had a swap with Thriszha from the blog Fab Your Nails
Thriszha does some of the most amazing konadicures.
I'm always astounded by what she comes up with,
and heh... she seriously puts my konad attempts to shame =)

So here's what she sent me:

Nubar Toga Purple

Essence #08 Ultimate Pink

and a packet of nail art decals.
*yep, another pack to my stash!*

Well... I couldn't wait to try out Toga Purple when I saw the bottle!
This one's a beauty!
Base colour is a lovely deep purple that reminds me of eggplant.
and there's pink and blue mirco-glitter to give it a added shimmer, especially when under the sun!

well... unfortunately, my camera's marco still isn't good enough to capture the pink and blue shimmer,
(as it is, I'm even astounded that my camera managed to capture the purple!)
but I think in this second shot, you can just see a hint of it on the thumb.

2 butter-smooth coats & a layer of TC

and this one's taken at night with the camera flash.

seriously even without the shimmer, I'm still digging it
its just too lovely a shade of purple.


Ayuu said...

That's a gorgeous shade ! I love purples :)

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! u already got the package?? thats fast!! and im so glad that the polishes are safely arrive!! happy polishing.. xoxo

Berry T said...

yes, its absolutely gorgeous!! You should go get yourself a bottle! esp if you love purples =)

Yeah babe! I was amazed too at how fast the post service was!
Thank you so much for this beauty! *muacks*
oh! and I hope your parcel has arrived too? or at least soon then!! =)

ThRiSzHa said...

weeeeee... ur welcome looking forward for ur april purge...LOL

Nailart said...

Looks Great, i love the Purple Color - nice Naildesign :-)


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