Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Mystery Swap...

Yay! My camera is back!
heh... and so are my parents =)

Anyway, here are the bottle pictures that I promised you...
The mystery swap that I had with Nikki of the blog Nikki's Nails
Love the idea of a mystery swap!
and in this case, I ended up with goodies that are mostly not available in Singapore =)

w7 #42 Purple Pearl,
a shimmery purple with blue flash

w7 #1 Envy,
this one reminds me of peacock feathers!

Urban Decay Cult.
I was super excited when I saw this one!
Figured I'll wait until the camera's back before I wore this though =P

Zoya Shivon.
I have this for a manicure right now;
another one that I wanted to love but is unfortunately, not my colour
Coming up in the next couple of posts

NYX Girls CN171 Hibiscus.

No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour.
erm... I couldn't find label, code or name for this one.
Its my first No.7 polish so I don't know if they usually come with names/codes?
Reminds me of OPI's Rosy Reflection.
Unfortunately I sent mine away so I don't have Rosy Reflection to compare...

CoverGirl Boundless Color #555 Luxe Lilac

Wet n Wild Craze Morbid.
I already have one of this, so this extra bottle will be going up for purge
(which shall be my next post...)

ok, the last 2 you guys have already seen it swatched.
Collection 2000

and Barry M in Emerald Green.

Thank you so much Nikki!

and next I have goodies from another swap with another nail blogger, Theresia from Amused Polish

Essence #24 Underwater

and a Essence Nail Art Tip Painter in #02 Purple Boost.
I was so thrilled with this one!
and hee... I'm so pleased that the new camera is able to capture purple!

Thank you too Theresia! =)


Nikki said...

Hi! Just to let you know that the No7 polish is called Milan, it looks lovely on but I sent it on to you as I aready have a bottle of it...enjoy!

Berry T said...

Gotcha! Thanks Nikki =)

Rhea said...

I got some W7 polishes recently, but couldn't find any names or numbers on them?

amusedPolish said...

I'm glad you liked the extra :D
I knew you would like the tip painter because you've shown us a lot of wonderful nail art and that'll surely be something for you :)

Ayuu said...

Great swap ! Envy looks particulary gorgeous ... Can't wait to see it !

Berry T said...

I got the names of the w7 polishes off a white label on the polish cap. Might have been the store tag though.

Yep! I really do like it loads!
Thanks so much again! I'm going to think of something for that little extra!
and the nail stickers too! I totally forgot to take a picture of it but it was just too cute!

hee... I was itching to try Envy too but well, I had to sit on my hands until the camera got back =)

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