Monday, April 5, 2010

Minis and Stickers

heh... I'm tempted to call this a post of the cuties since its all about mini bottles and cute stickers.

I know there are some who don't like the mini bottles of polishes.
Well, I kinda love them actually for a couple of reasons.
First, I'll never be able to finish a full-sized bottle of polish.
I have like so many bottles, it'll be a wonder if I ever get to swatch them all in the first place.
So when I get the mini bottles, at least I know I'll be more likely to finish it up and I don't feel so wasteful.

The other reason that I know of that people don't like minis is cos of the smaller brushes that come along with the mini bottles.
Actually, I'm quite happy with it and I especially like to use these smaller brushes in nail art, especially when drawing stripes or doing bigger dots (not using the dotting tool)

Here are some of the OPI mini sets that I just got:

From the Espana (Spain) collection:
Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, No Spain No Gain, Pink Flamenco and Rapidry TC

2009 Ulta exclusives Tiny Tinsels:
Berried in Gifts, Amethyst Twist, Silver Belles and another Rapidry TC

ok, this one I bought only because I've given up hunting for the full-sized bottle of OPI Smitten with Mittens.
I took my own sweet time trying to make up my mind whether I wanted Smitten with Mittens.
By the time I was sold on the swatches that popped up everywhere, Smitten with Mittens was also oos everywhere.

2009 Christmas, I'm Wishing for Red (actually, I'm not but oh well) collection:
Dear Santa, Glove You so Much!, Smitten with Mittens, Meet and Jingle.

Hong Kong collection:
Red my Fortune Cookie, Suzy says Feng Shui, Dim Sum Plum and another Rapidry TC.

The only thing that I don't like about the minis is that they're not labelled.
I hate it when I don't know which one it is that I've picked up.
so I've started labelling them on my own last night.

and these are some of the nail art stickers that came by recently.

White flowers and butterflies

Pink Ribbons.
The gold laces that you see are another separate set of decals

Pink Leopard

Pink flowers

Aren't these the cutest skull decals you've seen!

Little mermaids!

Nautical themed decals!
Check out those boy and girl sailors!

I thought these looked like pressed flowers.
Have an idea to pair these with a simple french mani...

Halloween looking cats

and a Alice in Wonderland collection too!!
I'm so doing these with the Alice in Wonderland OPIs!!

and I remembered you guys!
Bought 2 extras for the next giveaway that I'm planning! =)
My blog's 1st anniversary is coming up on 1 May!!
I'm plotting the shopping list now! Will do the next giveaway in May!!
I'm so excited!!

and I realised that I've accumulated quite a stack of decals.
hee... you guys are probably going to see some of these in the next few upcoming posts =P


Öykü said...

Oh, Halloween cats and Alice look so cute!

Evil Angel said...

I like mini bottles just because they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Because of ebay, I have a huge collection of water decals! Michelle

Millie said...

Minis are too small for me - I love the OPI prowide brush. Not sure but I think Don't Toy With Me might be similar to Smitten With Mittens. I have DTWM and I love it - very sparkly and pretty.

Saori said...

Hi Berry,
I love mini bottles too because I never finished my big bottles like you.....Unfortunately, I can't find OPI's mini bottle so where did you find them ??
I am a little desperate because I don't receive my packet yet, I hope it is not lost :( I am still waiting for it, maybe....

Saori said...

Yes it's me again !! Just to say you that when I went home at midday, there was a surprise in my lettre box hi hi hi, your packet was inside, yes, so cool.
Thanks again for this giveaway, I took my pictures and soon I'll be my post. I am happy Hourrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaa

Berry T said...

Oyku, missnono,
LOL! I <3 the cute stickers too!
keep taking them out to look at recently =P

yeah, I know how tempting ebay can be!
there are times when I have to ban myself from going there!

YAY!! So glad that your prizes reached you safely!! Hope you'll enjoy them!

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