Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its been a long time since...

I blogged about giveaways on others

well, unfortuantely my parents ran off to play with my new camera in Taiwan
so I'm left with my wonky old one that's giving a hell of a headache with an awesome duochrome that I'm trying to photograph to show you guys.
I thought I'll do one of this giveawaay alert post =)

1) A new blog that was discovered. Katrina is doing her first giveaway!
Open till 17 April, 11:59pm eastern time

2) I started reading Susie's blog when she first came over and commented on mine. heh... I love how she got hooked onto polish and stamping =P
She's done really well on her konad now! You guys should go see if you haven't!
and now she's onto her 1st giveaway as well to celebrate hitting the 100 followers mark!
Ends 22 April.

3) This blog is yet another that I stumbled on; Inside of my purse - another amazing konad-er.
Followers only, open to internationals. Ends 23 April, 2pm Pacific Time

4) This one's a themed giveaway! I love the idea of a theme!
Get Nailed is having a Great Barrier Reef Giveaway!
And guys, there's Zoya's Charla and RBL's Coral as well! Both current major lemmings of mine!!
Follwers only. Till April 24

5) Laura from the blog Sawan is celebrating 259 followers with a huge giveaway.
Open till 30 April, 5 pm

6) Birthday giveaway at Fun and Mental Changes! Konad stuff to be won =)
Followers only till 7 May

7) Tiffani of the blog Yardsticks 4 Lunatics *love the blog name* is also doing a giveaway! Its all blue polishes! One of my fave polish colours! Tiffani's blog is also another one that I started reading when she came over and commented on mine =)
Closed on 8 May, her hubby's birthday! *happy birthday!* Followers only and open to internationals.

8) Lissa is also giving away some of her new bottles of polishes.
Till 10 May after her wedding! Congrats!

9) Another new blog I discovered while surfing. There are a couple of new ones that I really really like.
Get Ready for Summer is doing a seriously huge giveaway! With Chanel Particuliere too!!
Followers only. Open to internationals. Till 15 May.

Phew! ok, I think that's it for now.
I need to get back to that damn duochrome...


susies1955 said...

Thanks for the nice write up. :)

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Thanks for the mention!! so sweet!


Berry T said...

Susie, Tiffani,
You're most welcome ladies =)

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