Thursday, April 1, 2010

Essie Lilacism

wow... I crossed the 200 followers mark.
Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to read this little blog here.
I'm really humbled and honoured.
And I think this calls for a giveway too soon!
*plots shopping list*

Anyway, today I have for you Essie Lilacism.
Unfortuantely my fears were really founded: another problem child for the camera

I took a gazillion photos over 3 days in all sorts of places: carpark, canteen, taxi stand, waiting for the train, waiting for meetings to start, by the roadside.
As long as I was free with the camera and the sun was out, I was taking pictures.

It got such that my colleagues were getting really amused by me,
and they all learnt that purples are "a pain in the camera's ass". LOL.

Almost all of my shots look like the one above - some greyed pastel looking blue.

and this is the one single shot that captured just that hint of purple.
Thank god it was at least a sharp pic and not one of the occasional blurred ones that I sometimes get.

By the way, my bottle of Lilacism was runny and super streaky.
Pain in the ass to apply, and I had to be extra careful when doing the 3rd and final coat.
The last layer of Poshe helped to even out the mani a lot.
Love the end colour though. So did my colleagues. LOL

I even tried taking pictures at night

Even went to find a light blue prop (my mobile phone pouch) in the vain hope of trying to get the camera to tell the difference.

Oh well. I tried guys.
I really did.


Alisa said...

Now I have to add this one to my wishlist!

susies1955 said...


Jackie S. said...

Congrats on 200...this color is very cute!

Erin said...

The polish is pretty, but I like your phone pouch more! How adorable! :D

Berry T said...

oh yes! this one's a really pretty and cute colour! Great for Easter!

hee... I like my pouch too =P

Saori said...

I have China glaze lavender and it's a little same color, I love it !!
It's right that purple is very difficult to capture with camera !!

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