Friday, April 23, 2010

Collection 2000 #130

Sometimes, the ones that you expect to look good on your nails don't.
And those that you'll expect to look blah turns out to be better than what you think.
I guess I better not judge a book by its cover,
or in this case, a polish by the bottle =P

Collection 2000 #130.
Well, I'm assuming its #130 since I couldn't find any other label, code or name on it.
I got this one also in the mystery swap.
I'll take photos of all the bottles I got later when my new camera returns

Collection 2000 is a brand that I didn't know until I got this one in a swap.
It says on the label "Made in England"
and since I hardly see it featured on US blogs, I'm assuming that this one is a European brand.

Here's how it looks in direct sun.
It looks creme here *damn the old wonky camera*
but actually has a slight shimmer that gives it the extra edge.
Lovely brick red tone that goes with my skin colour.
I'm actually surprised that this one went ok with my skin.
A lot of the orange and yellow-based ones don't, they somehow turn my skin into something corpse-like.


And at night with the camera flash.
I think you can just catch the slight shimmer in this one.


Halifax said...

I just did a NOTD with a Collection 2000 bottle but it doesn't look like the one you have. It's a UK brand, not available anywhere else unless you swap (and you did) :-)

Berry T said...

Thanks for the info dear!
All the more reason I should hang onto it then =)

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