Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barry M #284 Emerald Green

ok. I don't know what is wrong with me.
But I don't have much love for the recent colours that I put on =(

Barry M #284 Emerald Green.
My 1st Barry M.
Got this in a mystery swap and I had wanted so much to love it.
It looked promising in the bottle.

But didn't look that great with my skin tone.
3 coats + Poshe
Overcast skies.

Taken while I was in a cab.
The taxi driver probably thought I was nuts

And lastly at night with the camera flash.


ThRiSzHa said...

ohh the color is pretty in green.. there are really some polish that though its pretty in color but doesnt fit on our skin tone..why dont u add some decals on it??

chocaddict said...

I have the same problem with a bunch of taupe/greyish polishes that I'd really want to love but just look blah on me :( It's a shame though, that green is really pretty, maybe you could find a way to use it in one of your awesome nail arts?

Berry T said...

thriszha, chocaddict,

sigh... I guess there are always those that we'll want to love but would look awful with our skin colours. Just can't have them all.
I'm actually going to put this one up for purge later though. I might as well, no point hanging onto it esp when I need the space for more new ones that are coming along =)

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