Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When it started to pour continuously the past few days,
I had it in mind to whip out RBL's Stormy since it seemed apt

Then I got inspired by Gildedangel's recent tone-on-tone manis and whipped out Concrete Jungle as well

and this is what I ended up with :
*heh... the sun came through in the morning for a proper photo shoot*

Pinky, middle and index fingers had Stormy as the base and Concrete Jungle for the dots.
I reversed the colours on the thumb and ring finger.

and heh... I couldn't resist taking one with the concrete pavement as background
the colours seemed to call for it =)


Evil Angel said...

I love it!

Jackie S. said...

I really like this, dots are my new favorite nail art...nice!

emmajoy said...

V pretty!

Berry T said...

thank you lovelies!

dots are my fave too! they're my easy to-go nail art =)

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