Friday, March 5, 2010

Pedicure: Nubar Erratic Purple

Here's a Nubar that I'm not too fond of.
When I first tried it, I was pretty tired actually,
so I thought the no-love was a result of the lousy mood.

So I let it hang around in the stash for a while more
and gave it another try again.

It stayed on my toes for a week,
but more because I was so swamped with stuff that I didn't have the time to remove it.
I still can't find the love for it really.

2 coats, with topcoat.
Indoors, natural daylight.

Erratic Purple comes across as a frosty silverish-purple chrome.
Makes my toes look washed out,
and brushstrokes are very visible with this one.

This one's taken with the camera flash

So 1 more into the next purge pile.


anna said...

why do you post swatches on your toes?

gildedangel said...

That is a great polish! And Anna, why shouldn't she post polish on her toes? :)

Cah_nossovicio said...

i really like this color.I like metallic polishes. And i think it's very beautiful in your toes.
And Anna, why shouldn't she post polish on her toes? [2]

Berry T said...

Thank you ladies =)


I post swatches on my toes too cos I realised that I have too many untrieds and I'm trying my best to get through them.

I know some don't really like toe pictures. If there's really a lot of you guys who don't like toe pictures, I'll stop that in future.

Pls do let me know

Lily nail said...

i'm a new follower !!! i love your blog !! this color is cool i love nubar !!! but so hard to find them in france !! i've a blog come on see me !!

Saori said...

This color is very beautiful !!

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