Sunday, March 28, 2010

March's Purge

Ok, I need to make space for new babies,
and the plan is to schedule at least a purge every month

Same deal as before, its going to be on a 1st-come-1st serve basis,
and you can propose to swap for 2 or even 3 bottles for 1.
I'm ok with that since I just wanna get rid of these.

I'm also ok if you just wanna pay,
all you have to do is make a reasonable offer.
Internationals, paypal only.

onto the purge then, in alphabetical order:

Beauty Credit (Korean brand) in Blue Drop *shipped*
Used 2X

China Glaze Cosmic *pend Liz*
Received in a swap, used 1X

China Glaze French Bliss in Ooh La La Soft Pink Pearl *pend Liz*
Used 1X

Colour Club Object of Envy *shipped*
Used 1X

colour Club Tangerine Scream *pend millie*
Received in a swap, used 2X
approx 90% left

Elianto (Korean brand) #30 Dark Sea Green *shipped*
Used 1X

Fake Nfu-Oh gold glitter
Used 1X

Isadora #621 Diamond Blue,
Used 1X

Konad Topcoat *shipped*
Used 1X

LA Girl Amethyst
Used 1X

LA Girl Metallic Purple
Used 2X

Maybelline Matte Grape *pend amusedPolish*
Received in a swap, used 1X
Level up the the Express word.

Nubar Erratic Purple
Bought from a purge, used 2X

OPI Ruble for your Thoughts
Level up to bottom of the OPI word

Rimmel #819 Green with Envy *shipped*
Used 1X

The Face Shop PP409 *shipped*
Used 1X

Wet and Wild Rock Solid collection #226 Beautiful in Bronze
Received in a swap, used 1X

then a box of Revlon Fake Nails

and some minis:
Depend #157 (orange)
Depend #41 (blue) *pend amusedPolish*

and a couple of pink un-named minis *shipped*


ThRiSzHa said...

ohhhhhhh... i love the rimmel green with envy and konad top coat...would u care for a swap? email me hanniz017 at yahoo dot com


ThRiSzHa said...

ohhh i also like the color club object of envy :D

Berry T said...

emailed you thriszha! =)

hydraMIRAGE said...

ooh, I'll swap Zoya Ki,and Zoya Moxie, all new, for Beauty Credit Blue Drop, Elianto #30 Dark Sea Green, and The Face Shop PP409, if you'd like.

Berry T said...

cool! You have a deal babe!
can you email me your address

berryhappynails at hotmail dot com =)

Liz said...

I'm interested in CG Cosmis and french bliss :)
will let you know the polishes I can swap with when I get back :)

amusedPolish said...

Hey I'd like to know if you want to swap Maybelline Matte Grape and Depend #41 (blue)- I've got some things up for a swap @ MUA- the same nick, amusesPolish

e-mail adress is roryleighgilmore-at-gmail-dot-com

Berry T said...

ok, I'll pend those 2 China Glaze for you then =)

Hey dear! how are you!
I went to check out your MUA, there's one Essence that sounds really fab! Have emailed you. Do let me know k =)

Liz said...

I have a nude color from Ianti, a pale greyish-blue color and a light green color from Callas (a French brand, both shimmers) and some polishes from a German brand called ORma, would you be interested in those?

Sica said...

Wow! They're so different! I love the Elianto one, such a beautiful color!

Check it out my blog: (it's in Portuguese, but you can comment in English)

Berry T said...

Hey Liz,

either one from the Callas brand sounds good!

Liz said...

Cool, will send you a Callas polish then :)
Will you be having a purge in April as well?

Berry T said...

Can you pls email me your address? I'll ship out your polishes then =)
and yep, intending to have another round of purge in April... well, once I get done with swatching =P

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