Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glitter Removal

ok dearies,
I know how every now and then, there'll be a pretty glitter polish that would catch your eye,
but you'll just detest the idea of having to remove glitters off the nails eventually.

I'm like that too,
well until someone taught me an easier way
and the removal process became a little less painful.

What you will need:
A pair of scissors,
cotton pads,
and your remover.

I don't even use acetone or the ones with acetone.
As it is, my fingers are already badly dried-out from grip powder,
so I totally avoid acetone =)

Step 1: Cut the cotton pad into 5 pieces,
1 for each nail on 1 hand.

Step 2: Soak the cut pads with remover.

Step 3: Wrap the soaked cotton pad around the nail.
If you want to, you can also wrap tinfoil or aluminium foil around to keep the pads on.
I don't cos I find they usually stay on quite well on their own.

Step 4: Leave the pads on for a while.
What I usually do is while I leave it on one hand, I'll use the other to remove my pedicure.
Then when I get to the other hand, I'll start picking my next mani colour
*heh.... I take damn long to decide what I wanna wear next*

Step 5: To remove, gently rub in a circular motion as you slide the cotton pad off the nail.

Most of the polish and glitter would have stuck to the cotton pad and this makes it really easy to take off.
Also I find that this method is gentle on my nails and I even sometimes do it for normal polishes.

Hope this helps


Suzanna said...

ahhhh good to know! bc removing it can be painful :(

Thanks SOO much for that tip!

xxx suzanna

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Thanks for the tip! I love glitter polish but getting it off is indeed a P.I.T.A.!!

Berry T said...

I'm so glad this would help!
try it and let us know!

Ayuu said...

I love this technique, now I only use this for glitters ! And as it avoids the polish to stain on fingers, I use it more and more often for "normal" polishes ^^

yoko said...

I'm actually doing the same thing but i recover my nais with aluminium foil . It works really well =)

Asami said...

I do this too! But for all polishes. :)

Jackie S. said...

I do this with foil and it rocks!

Berry T said...

Yeah! this method is really awesome!
I do it more often now too, esp if I wanna avoid smurf hands or lobster hands =P

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