Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Butterfly Lovers

Today's nail art isn't a new design,
but it was a design that I had in mind to try out.

Items used are:

Orly Bare Rose

TINS 006 The Amethyst,
TINS 052 Coco's Shopping (this is the orange one)

Pink holo spangles

Konad Plate m36

Konad Special Polish in Gold Black

I took some pictures without the konad so that you guys would have a better idea of how pretty the 2 TINS polishes are:

Both TINS were done with 3 coats each, plus topcoat.
Natural daylight

Natural daylight with Camera Flash.

Indoors, natural daylight.

And the final nail art with the Konad.
Somehow, it turned out more garish than I had expected...

Natural daylight.

Natural daylight with Camera Flash

Indoors, natural daylight.

Its probably the butterflies,
but this particular nail art actually reminded me of a Chinese legend - The Butterfly Lovers.
This one's a love tragedy, one which I personally think of as the Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, minus the feuding families though.

The story is of course set in ancient China, where it was thought that women did not need education
(thank god times have since changed)

So this young lady from a rich family disguised herself as a guy,
and went to school where she met a handsome but poor young scholar.
Well, they obviously fell in love,
but the lady's family objected, hauled her back and bethrothed her to another dude.

The poor scholar got love-sick and died.
On the day of her wedding, the young lady's bridal sedan passed by her lover's grave and she also died from grief.

The story ends with the 2 lovers being reunited in death,
and their souls were changed into a pair of butterflies.


gildedangel said...

That is so pretty!

chocaddict said...

I love your mani, it looks so fresh and summery it makes me long for sunshine ^^
beautiful story as well :)

Ayuu said...

Cute mani, it's perfect to call spring and sun !
I also loved the story :)

contests and such said...

I like this mani. I love TINS and wish I could get my paws on some :)
Great story--not the dying part though--the part where they ended up together!

Berry T said...

thank you ladies!

It's sweltering hot already here in Sg, so the colours were really something that I had wanted to do =)

I'll send you some the next time I purge my TINS k! =)

contests and such said...

Berry~ That would be fantastic!! (if you ever decide to-those polishes are so lovely!)

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