Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love Sprees

I really do,
but I tend to forget when or what I've ordered =P
Thank goodness, the spree organiser that I joined with is friendly, honest and a fellow polish lover as well
*note: spree-ed from Transdesign*

Orly Enchanted Forest

China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea

OPI Jade is the New Black

Colour Club Wild at Heart

Colour Club Gossip Column

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint
This one was a problem child during the photo shoot.
Every shot I took while holding the bottle was greyed and washed out.
I ended up having to prop the bottle against the window and praying that it doesn't fall and smash to the ground

Essie Lilacism.
This one was worse than Re-Fresh Mint.
Even stand alone pictures look washed out.

hmmm... I'm just wondering what this would mean when I actually swatch the 2 bottles.

Found this Orly Delilacful in a nail salon

Then I saw these from a purge and quickly jumped to get them:

Orly Satin Society

Orly Satin Eloquence

My 1st Finger Paints in Evergreen Dream
Finger Paints ain't available in Singapore, and I've been lemming this one something fierce

And these are from a swap with Elizabeth.
Thank you dearie!

China Glaze Watermelon Rind

China Glaze Emotion

Jordana Sapphire
hmmm.... I've never heard of this brand before.
Does anyone know anything about Jordana?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March's Purge

Ok, I need to make space for new babies,
and the plan is to schedule at least a purge every month

Same deal as before, its going to be on a 1st-come-1st serve basis,
and you can propose to swap for 2 or even 3 bottles for 1.
I'm ok with that since I just wanna get rid of these.

I'm also ok if you just wanna pay,
all you have to do is make a reasonable offer.
Internationals, paypal only.

onto the purge then, in alphabetical order:

Beauty Credit (Korean brand) in Blue Drop *shipped*
Used 2X

China Glaze Cosmic *pend Liz*
Received in a swap, used 1X

China Glaze French Bliss in Ooh La La Soft Pink Pearl *pend Liz*
Used 1X

Colour Club Object of Envy *shipped*
Used 1X

colour Club Tangerine Scream *pend millie*
Received in a swap, used 2X
approx 90% left

Elianto (Korean brand) #30 Dark Sea Green *shipped*
Used 1X

Fake Nfu-Oh gold glitter
Used 1X

Isadora #621 Diamond Blue,
Used 1X

Konad Topcoat *shipped*
Used 1X

LA Girl Amethyst
Used 1X

LA Girl Metallic Purple
Used 2X

Maybelline Matte Grape *pend amusedPolish*
Received in a swap, used 1X
Level up the the Express word.

Nubar Erratic Purple
Bought from a purge, used 2X

OPI Ruble for your Thoughts
Level up to bottom of the OPI word

Rimmel #819 Green with Envy *shipped*
Used 1X

The Face Shop PP409 *shipped*
Used 1X

Wet and Wild Rock Solid collection #226 Beautiful in Bronze
Received in a swap, used 1X

then a box of Revlon Fake Nails

and some minis:
Depend #157 (orange)
Depend #41 (blue) *pend amusedPolish*

and a couple of pink un-named minis *shipped*

Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour is a annual event organised by the World Wildlife Fund.
It's to create awareness of climate changes and conservation.
Yesterday, across the world, landmarks went dark for an hour at 8:30pm

In honour of the event, I grabbed Nubar Earth for a mani.
I thought the name was quite apt.

I've been really interested since I saw some really lovely foil manis on various blogs, so I decided to try it out too.
Got the foil primer and sealer,

and foil in Sparkle Silver
(all available on Transdesign)

and here's my Earth Hour 2010 mani:
Nubar was done in 2 coats.

I need some help though.
I can't seem to get the foil to adhere properly to the full nail.
There are huge holes and gaps when I tried doing it.

I don't mind how it looks here, kinda like the concept of a deconstructed mani that Ms Lippmann was sprouting about awhile back
but still I would like to know how to go about getting a proper full nail foil done.
Can someone pls enlighten me if you do know how to?

and this one's the indoor shot.

So did you go dark for Earth Hour?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

China Glaze Sugar High

Was feeling crabby a couple of days back and needed another perk-me-up

Ended up grabbing China Glaze Sugar High.
It was sitting on my shelf from the last photo shoot and looked like a really cheery colour...

Here it is:
Natural sunlight,
3 coats and 1 coat of Poshe quick dry TC

Taken at night, artificial light and camera flash

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beauty Credit BL23 Blue Drop

ok, so yesterday's mani really bugged me
I couldn't stand the colour anymore,
and yet I didn't have the time to change mani
so I ended up layering another polish onto the Elianto one

Grabbed another Korean brand, Beauty Credit in BL23 Blue Drop
added 1 coat of Blue Drop

better but still... not much love

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elianto #30 Dark Sea Green

When I first bought this, based on the bottle colour,
I thought that there was no way this would turn out green.
Guess I shouldn't be that quick to judge

Check it out,
a jelly that does remind me of the colour of the sea.

but I don't really like the colour on me.
Feels kinda weird.
and application was iffy for me;
wasn't able to apply it evenly and I thought it looked a little strange

I did this in 3 coats and 1 coat of Poshe quick-dry topcoat

Taken in artificial light with camera flash

What do you guys think of this polish?

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