Tuesday, February 23, 2010

U&A 24K Gold Foil over Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

This one's a layering combination that is so appropriate for the Lunar New Year =)

Bottle of U&A 24K Gold Foil
*that's the literal translation from the Chinese characters printed*
and Essie Love, Beverly Hills.

The U&A one is simply particles of gold foil that is suspended in clear polish
(kinda like a novelty topcoat)

I totally adore this combination
and most of the pictures turned out great too! =)

I did 2 coats of the U&A over 2 coats of the Essie
All taken in natural daylight.


I kinda thought the mani just needed a little bit more
so I added gold stripping tape and on the middle nail,
there's a very subtle konad in Maybelline Bronze Beam
*yeah, you can barely tell that it's there...*

Actually I was hoping for a gold konad and went diving into my stash,
only to realise that I have gold glitters, rose-gold, bronze-gold, peachy-gold but not a single yellow-gold polish!
*Needs to rectify this!*


gildedangel said...

That looks lovely!!!

chocaddict said...

I love the golden flakies on the red base, it looks very festive :)
ChG 2030 is a nive yellow golden that works fine for konad

Ayuu said...

Gold and red are such a gorgeous combo ! I'm not a red or gold person but I like them together ^^

Berry T said...

thank you ladies!

I've got 2030 on my wishlist now!
thks for the rec!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous combination. Happy New Year. Lovely manicure.

Berry T said...

Thank you Lucy =)

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