Friday, February 26, 2010

TINS The Saturn, TINS The Mars and China Glaze Cosmic

This post is pic-heavy!

sigh... and there's another tale of nubbins as well

Anyway, I wanted to do a comparison with the 2 polishes shown:
China Glaze Cosmic
and TINS 025 The Saturn.

Then I thought an accent nail might perk things up a little,
so I also used TINS 026 The Mars.

Its fortunate that I took some pictures even though the sky was overcast.
My nails were still a-ok in this picture.
But well, within the next hour or so, I managed to slam the door on them
and the one on the index finger broke

So other than the one above,
all the other pictures are taken the next day (when the sun decided to take pity on me) with a broken nail.
The polish actually managed to help hang on to some bits of the nail,
but when I removed the glitters, the break was bad enough that I had to take them all the way down again =(

sigh... I've been wanting to do another french design
but the nails just seem really "fragile" recently
I've not been able to get them to grow past that length?!

Anyway, enough of the rant...

Taken in natural daylight,
the day before was rainy, so the sun still wasn't the best.

As you can see, there really isn't much difference between Cosmic and The Saturn.
If I didn't tell you, you would have thought they were the same!
Thumb, Middle and Pinky were done in China Glaze Cosmic
Index finger is the TINS one

The only real difference was in the texture.
Cosmic dried really bumpy and gritty even with 2 coats of Poshe topcoat.
The Saturn dried a lot smoother with only a layer of Poshe topcoat.

The above 2 pictures are taken in natural daylight, with camera flash.

Luckily I decided to try an accent nail.
Otherwise I think I would have been really bored with the black mani.
Somehow, the holo-glitters in both blacks just don't make the cut.

But oh, TINS 026 The Mars is one hot beauty!
A lovely shade of dark purple-pink

Taken indoors, natural daylight.

Indoors with camera flash.

Taken at night under artificial light, with camera flash.

and I did a blurred picture for the holo-glitter to show up.
Seriously, if only I had better sun to take the photos with.

Of cos, I had to also try/compare them matte.
so I dug out my under-utilised bottle of Nubar V for Men,
and mattified the index, middle and ring fingers

Taken in natural daylight

With the camera flash

Taken indoors, natural daylight


gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful colors!!

Evil Angel said...

I love the contrast in colors! They are both gorgeous!

Berry T said...

Thank you ladies,
I really enjoy the TINS polishes from Japan and I wish they were available to you guys in the US too. Pretty darn sure you would have fallen head over heels in love with them too!

Lucy said...

Ouch! That must've hurt. Better you shorten your nails when their fragile. It's worse if they're really long and you break one or it starts peeling. Love the manicure.

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