Sunday, February 21, 2010

Purge Round 1

Here's the first of the series of purges that are upcoming

I've kinda decided that I'm not putting a price on them anymore,
but if you want to make an offer, I'll be fine with that too.
And since the aim here is really to cut down,
I'm even open to swapping 2 of my polishes for one of yours, even 3 bottles
and there is a really extensive list of polishes that I don't own and wouldn't mind trying
so if you have something that's not on my wishlist, you can still try me

Just be reasonable k
Seriously, I had someone offer me fifty cents for a polish that's dear to my heart
and when I said no, she had the audacity to roll her eyes!

Most of my polishes are used 1X by myself,
although I did receive some in swaps or from other purges.
I'll indicate which are the ones that are from swaps, purges or have been used more than 1X k =)

Please indicate in the comments section the polishes you are interested in.
Alternatively, you can also email me.

Onto the goodies then

OPI Light my Sapphire (PEND for Liz),
Illamasqua Phallic (SENT),
Orly Star of Bombay (PEND for Liz),
Zoya Indigo (SENT)
Isadora Diamond Blue

Rimmel #819 Green with Envy,
Wet n Wild Craze Collection Jade (SENT),
Zoya Midori (SENT)

Wet n Wild Rock Solid Collection Beautiful in Bronze (received in a swap),
Colour Club Tangerine Scream (received in a swap),
Fake Nfu-Oh Gold Glitter

L.A. Girl Metallic Purple,
L.A. Girl Amethyst,
Essie Lacy not Racy (PEND for Liz)

Please ignore the 1st OPI bottle,
that one's meant for the upcoming giveaway actually.
*this one must be a camera-whore*

Orly French Manicure JeT'aime (PEND for Liz),
Orly French Manicure White Tips (PEND for Liz),
Sally Hansen Fly Away (SENT)

and lastly, these are freebies.
Just let me know if you would like to have them if we're doing a swap/sale.
But to be fair to everyone, 1 polish per person k
*no worries, there'll definitely be more of such freebies in future purges*

#1 darker pink,
#2 lighter pink
and a Depend blue polish

all right, that's it for now
more coming your way though =)


Miss Dayna said...

Hi, I'm just starting to get into nail polish and I love your blog!!

I was just wondering how much you want for the bottle of Illamasqua Phallic and if you would be willing to ship to the UK? my email is


Berry T said...

Hi Dayna,

Thank you for your love!

unfortunately someone texted me before you asked about the illamasqua so that's already being reserved for someone.
Let me know if there are others you would like =)

CucumPear said...

I'd be interested in both Zoya Polishes and Wet n Wild Jade if you ship to Austria. I'm willing to pay 10-12 USD + shipping.
Let me know and I'll send you my paypal email-address.

CucumPear said...

Alternatively (insert d'oh here) you could name a few essence (non-LE, we never get these on any kind of schedule) or s-he polishes you'd like to try. I have some discontinued essence All Access stashed... Whichever you prefer.

Berry T said...


I would love to try the s-he or the essence polishes!
I only have 4 essence polishes: 2 from the moonlit collection, 1 pink essence (Disco glam) and a lovely green one (its called all access?)

I'll save the Zoyas and Craze one for you.
Pls email me your address k =)

adele said...

Dang was just a little too late, wanted to swop for the zoya polishes ):

Berry T said...

ah... dun worry dear,
I believe there are still some coming up for purge in future =)

Liz said...

Hi...I'm interested in Orly Star of Bombay, Essie Lacy not Racy, Orly French Manicure JeT'aime, Orly French Manicure White Tips and OPI Light my Sapphire.

I'm a new nail polish collector from Malaysia, so the majority of my polishes are Etude House, Sking Food, Face Shop and Elianto. But I also have some Jordana polishes, and China Glaze Emotion and TTYL if you're interested. I'm also willing to pay for the polishes, how much would you like for them?

Miss Dayna said...

no problem, thanks for letting me know!

if you ever need to get hold of any UK polishes then feel free to give me a shout :-)


Liz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liz said...

Oh, I also have CG Watermelon Rind if you're interested. Just got them in the mail, don't think I'll be wearing greens much since it doesn't suit me, so I'll just want to use it once.

mummy's little pig said...

hi babe, i'm also from singapore. may i know how/where you get your all your Zoya n Nubar stash?? they don't seem to ship internationally and Vpost doesn't allow nail polishes. thanks!

Berry T said...

Thank you so much for your kind offer!
I'll definitely bear it in mind! <3

welcome to the world of nail polish!
I'll love to swap for the China Glaze Emotion and TTYL that you mentioned =)
As for Watermelon Rind, I'll love it too actually. But you try it 1st, for all you know, you might just fall in love with green polishes =) That's what happened to me!

Do email me the address to send those polishes to you k =)

mummy's little pig,
I get most of my Nubars either from swaps or from ebay.

There is a local distributor for Zoya actually. You can go to this website
I've bought from her (Audrey) a few times and have been good so far
Hope that helps! =)

Liz said...

Hey Berry, I dropped you an email with a couple questions :)

Berry T said...

replied you dear =)

Jackie S. said...

With all the messages and text, which polishes are still available?

Berry T said...

Hey Jackie,

the ones still available are:
Isadora Diamond Blue,
Rimmel Green with Envy,
Wet and Wild Beautiful in Bronze,
Colour Club Tangerine Scream,
the fake Nfu-oh Gold Glitter,
LA Girl Metallic Purple,
and LA Girl Amethyst
plus the freebies

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