Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pedicure: A Fake Nfu Oh

I was rather amused when someone passed me a fake Nfu Oh,
but well, I'm not going to say no when its free
and a glitter bomb to boot =P

I know in general toes pics aren't exactly popular,
and this time round, what's going to make it worse is the terrible shape of my toenails
I broke quite a number of toenails rather badly over pole recently
and the chopping off was an incredibly painful experience
cos the ones that broke, broke all the way down to the nail beds...

so please try to look past the terrible state of the toenails,
and just on the colour of the polish...

Taken in natural daylight.
2 coats with topcoat


gildedangel said...

A fake Nfu-Oh lol! The color is lovely though!

Berry T said...

LOL! that was the same reaction I had when I got it!!

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