Monday, February 15, 2010

My 1st Water Marbling Attempt

Today's post is a nail art from the past,
and my first attempt at the water marbling technique

Polishes used:
OPI I Love Mummy,
Skinfood Sky Blue creme and Lime-Green creme

I apologise for having only the indoors pictures for you guys.
When I did this, it was already very late in the afternoon
and subsequently, I was so busy preparing for the Lunar New Year that I forgot to go out and get pictures of my nails

Left hand

I also took a pic of the right hand

Last 2 pictures were taken in artificial light, with camera flash.

I think its not too bad for a first attempt
but water marbling is a hell of a mess
I had a lot of tissue and tape with me

heh... I was rather impatient when I was doing this
*was hoping to get some pictures in daylight and trying to beat the setting sun but obviously I failed*
So instead of dipping 1 finger at a time into the water
I stuck 2 fingers at each go,
and that kinda resulted in those smudges you see on the nails,
especially those on the thumbs.

so lesson learnt:
One step at a time =P


April and Ashley said...

They look great! I love the colors you chose. I used chapstick around my nails and it worked just fine. The tape was too much of a hassle for me.

Tierney said...

That looks really cool! Great colors.

gildedangel said...

That looks great!!!

CucumPear said...

That's a great marble, the colours work so well (kind of summer-y). I use the tape method myself, I've tried just hardcore clean-up and vaseline, but neither worked as well.
It's much better than my first marble, which never even made it to the photography stage.

Colette said...

I swear there's no such thing as perfection when water marbling, I learn something every time I do it. I really like the color combination =)

thriszha said...

this is cool.. i love it..

Berry T said...

thanks for the tips and compliments everyone!

heh... I'm going to stick to the tape method since its working so far
hard-core cleaning just sounds like a pain =P

I adore your water marbling and so inspired! They're so totally awesome! I'm going to try another one again sometime soon!

RachelLauren said...

this is gorgeous, I wish I had enough patience to even attempt this!

Anonymous said...

hey babe, normal nail polish can do? so i just filled a glass of tap water and drop 2 or 3 colours into the water? do i need to stir the droplets of let it mix by itself? and lastly, by taping method, do you mean using scotch tapes to tape the sides/excess? thanks ! (:

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