Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodies from Ebay

heh... right, Ebay.
or EVILbay as some would call it.
well, I agree that there are some terrible sellers who mark up prices,
send stuff that's not as describe, simply disapper with your money, blah blah blah
Seriously, there were a couple of auctions that made me shake my head,
and I've been a victim of dishonest sellers a couple of times

yet, I continue to persist in stalking ebay,
because once in a while, you really do get some of the sweetest deal

I think I must have done something right the last week cos I managed to score these 2 babies on Ebay.
and these were local sellers too!
At approx SGD$8 each, I couldn't resist.
Revlon Streetwear in Grape
and a BRAND NEW L'oreal Star Magnet in Copper!

and I happened to drop by the Elianto kiosk again
so I grabbed this one that caught my eye
#31 Olive

heh... it was only $2.50
so that fit into my low-buy

and one last thing guys.
I really want to thank you all for reading my blog
I never expected to hit over 160 followers in such a short time!
Its really touching and humbling.
I promise, I'll try my best to bring you guys more good nail stuff!


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

never heard of Elianto, looking forward to seeing this on your nails.

gildedangel said...

Ooo, great finds!

chocaddict said...

Ah EvilBay is full of temptations and sometimes great bargains like those! I'm steering clear from it though, I've spent far too much money on polish these past two weeks >.<
Can't wait to see those on you ;)

Jackie S. said...

I agree, Evil bay isn't all bad! I recently snagged Sally Hansen Arabian Nights for 5.99 with Shipping, and it arrived quickly with free gifts!

Berry T said...

heh... evilbay is definitely full of temptations!
I just ordered a couple of Nubars again!

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